Commit 5b2045fe authored by nono's avatar nono 💻
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Mise à jour des rôles

parent 8ba7209c
Subproject commit 26583b59f55ca6f50348aeb9734dacfd76d34690
Subproject commit ce1c92edb827006c141428e7fbd915f77768ba4b
Subproject commit b006806e8d3c659404e0c1bfd29fffa8a27f7035
Subproject commit 1bf7df9c34ad17ef1e09b7fe09e8294689da4bf5
Subproject commit 4550da8213504a575dba3d05aaceca48eb7821b1
Subproject commit 59c9f39932cd76b4fad35edbc9ad20f74cdda8bf
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