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Mise à jour des rôles

parent 3863ff04
Subproject commit d7f68d6b586c06229c79997e6a46f083619453de
Subproject commit 44e98c2ba738a7e4b66d89864cb42a888675009f
Subproject commit e1269f9a1644048d70341119a230fb4c89259881
Subproject commit efe506da2b95dd69a8281bfae6df16592adc6199
Subproject commit 240c48cd245f54b57bae954ed1f007f2b16f6f09
Subproject commit b54ae19e95dc88d6448d1c331b71b65b86a9ab0b
Subproject commit aef89fdcc88e1b752df81341c265616f58349144
Subproject commit 511f6847f324c272eb1d360fb061772f1c44ed3d
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