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Mise à jour des roles

parent a92092e3
Subproject commit 9921a394e0d89aefd6ac1b0eeb4f52575a3de9b9
Subproject commit e3a6487c9dfc183ca045309e932f7879dcb70d1b
Subproject commit 4cb581cc501a8f4f4b4106a35307098c8e5fbb3f
Subproject commit b931f910df372147d232cca358d7cfdf4b986d2c
Subproject commit 350c4d3059934d8e39272b6801b76183f093c48d
Subproject commit 37e1fb74d3ccae599dce16dfe6f258fa7d053f7c
Subproject commit 6dc0c7f173222a7e0c8cf4df1d51b9d6133e0bad
Subproject commit 4550da8213504a575dba3d05aaceca48eb7821b1
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