Commit 9f0be31e authored by nono's avatar nono 💻
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Mise à jour des roles

parent 54b77838
Subproject commit d1d517c5a4843860a214f90a1c69ab410d9ee2de
Subproject commit dd1f8bd22c884dbbf28c2991be735ad88fd3bde3
Subproject commit 377516f0f5939c5558008b270f4e02ff4e89a45a
Subproject commit 50c79fd1f74aac49285a88e4eaeef999cb78b540
Subproject commit 59c9f39932cd76b4fad35edbc9ad20f74cdda8bf
Subproject commit 8bcf63ba28e5ea4ee66e6bec159932990fede01a
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