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Mise à jours des rôles

parent 9245d20d
Subproject commit 027af9b3b3e54a6cd6bd2ba72b9bf70b61b211e9
Subproject commit dd1f8bd22c884dbbf28c2991be735ad88fd3bde3
Subproject commit 9921a394e0d89aefd6ac1b0eeb4f52575a3de9b9
Subproject commit e3a6487c9dfc183ca045309e932f7879dcb70d1b
Subproject commit f0e2cf717374cfbbe6f86f7276cd2137161a1f59
Subproject commit 161480da8c0a8a83c5dd19f00c7a98259be10aba
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