Commit 17f6bb68 authored by Nicolas Joyard's avatar Nicolas Joyard
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Fix qa

parent 1c08eaf8
......@@ -64,7 +64,8 @@ class Command(object):
dossier_pk = self.get_dossier(vote_data['epref'])
if not dossier_pk:
logger.debug('Cannot find dossier with remote id %s', epref)
logger.debug('Cannot find dossier with remote id %s',
if 'committee' in vote_data:
......@@ -183,9 +184,6 @@ class Command(object):
def parse_proposal_data(self, proposal_data, dossier_pk):
"""Get or Create a proposal model from raw data"""
proposal_display = '{} ({})'.format(proposal_data['title'].encode(
'utf-8'), proposal_data.get('report', '').encode('utf-8'))
if 'issue_type' not in proposal_data.keys():
logger.debug('This proposal data without issue_type: %s',
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