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Title: Recent developments, made short
Date: 2013-06-07 10:44
Author: quota_atypique
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Category: News
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Slug: recent-developments-made-short

Hello !

We're not *that* regular in posting, you'll notice…  
In fact, we're quite busy these days, because we welcomed new (and
active!) contributors to the project, who did a lot.

New contributors and happy hacking

You can find all of this improvement on the development instance:

Here is a summary of the modifications (more small things have been done
and some contributors mutually improved each others patchs):

\*\#415: Make the "random MEP" the same for one day

\* disable endless paging button  
\* sort meps by last name in votes results

*Yohan Boniface*:  
\* prototype for a new map on the front page that uses d3.js (basically
now your cpu won't go crazy when you visit the hompepage)  
Laurent Martelli*:  
\* "download as csv" on every search result

\* display the average score of the meps of a search result

\* performances improvement on search results page  
\* make memopol working with parltrack new historical data (they have
been put back on the website of the EP, this is a very important news!)

Thanks to all of them, they really made the project go forward, we'ere
amazed \\o/

Turbobilly also made a proto with microdata, to give MEP's score on
Google Search results for Memopol !  
This will strengthten Memopol's influence, because the MEP's scores
will be easily reachable.

And to finish, we have to tell you what was done in the communication
field the last mouths !

Memopol at the \#29c3 \\o/

We set up a workshop about Memopol during the 29th Chaos Communication
Congress this winter.

People from all around Europe came to hear about our tool : most of them
didn't know what it was and came because they were curious.  
I was a bit disappointed to see that there were not so much people
motivated to contribute into Memopol (come on, we're hackers, after all!
), but the conversation was indeed interesting.

People from Austria and Germany were quite motivated to have their
instance of Memopol for their own parliament, and explained how it could
be difficult to do some open data, because a lot of votes are done by
hand, which makes it difficult to track. Some French people came too,
they were quite focused on law issues, it was the occasion to say that
La Quadrature works to reform the copyright and comments were also
welcome ;)  
There was some technical questions, I answered as I can. The mailing
list and the IRC channel were proposed for further details.

So it was a good occasion to show how the tool works and why it's
wonderful, but I'm sad having not found enthusiastic hackers to help us
with the code :(

Memopol in a webdocumentary \\o/

Julie Neven, young and promising journalist, has made a documentary in
which Bram explains why Memopol is so important in our citizens' lifes
It's in French, sorry for those who don't understand.  
Here →
As you can guess, the rest of the documentary is good to see !

Memopol, everywhere

I'm a bit happy with this duty of making Memopol spread everywhere and I
talk about the project everytime I can. So some people heard about
Memopol at the [THSF](, and at the last Ubuntu
Party when I was talking about La Quadrature. Someone said : "Memopol ?
It's a great tool !" --which was very pleasant to hear \\o/