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Title: What’s new on memopol dev n°1
Date: 2012-05-11 14:00
Author: bram
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Category: News
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Slug: whats-new-on-memopol-dev-n1

Hmm, what did we do last week ?

We are still working on the design. We gathered a bit more feedback from
the ones that worked on it at the last quadratelier. Webdesigners need
more poking around, but we have no worries, quota\_atypique pokes around
a lot.

We are about to have a new logo, thanks to cocodaemon \\o/  
This may not be the final version, we are waiting for feedback,
validations, and all that stuff before saying to the world that we have
a beauuuutiful logo.

We thought about the users who love beautiful things, we thought also
about the administrators and the developers :  we updated the README
with new informations, so you won't get lost in all this data. The goal
is to make it useful to you!  
You can see it here

And we also updated the contributors list, here

We also wrote some documentation to help you understand the trend charts
you can see on Memopol.  
It's still on dev, we are waiting for feedback before publishing it.
We'll keep you in touch.

We also fixed some little useful points :

-   we finish retrieving missing deputies' opinions data from the first
    version of Memopol, split them between European Parliament and
    French Nationnal Assemblee and fix the displaying!
-   SEO stuff: when the server is on debug mode, the robots.txt displays
    a disallow : / for each robot.
-   we pushed i18n support and are translating it to french, [don't
    hesitate to come and help
    us](https://www.transifex.net/projects/p/memopol2/language/fr/) (ask
    to join the team, we'll approve you ASAP)!

So, next steps :

-   Design, design, design
-   Write moar documentation