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Title: #MemopolMiniHackathon
Date: 2016-04-15 19:00
Category: News
Author: njoyard

### Memopol Mini-Hackathon

After the Memopol 3.14 [Relaunch Event on 14th April](http://mediakit.laquadrature.net/embed/2390), the developers didn't rest !
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![The Chambers view shows available chambers](https://framapic.org/0I9FmC0pH8HY/u8BTfyKzG5ME.png)

A mini-hackathon has enabled much progress on both importing data from French parliament chambers as well as having a way of handling multiple chambers at once, from several data sources !

![The results of a representative search spanning both 3 chambers](https://framapic.org/rFT4Yzpf64Ad/JZLsYXgQhiHL.png)

Each list of groups and representatives now shows the chamber the data comes from.

![A list of parties from both 3 chambers](https://framapic.org/b1NPg97yX9c4/jLttWX5jbmqM.png)

Those improvements will soon be available on a test instance of Memopol to enable users to test them and suggest other features and means to use the newly available data :)

As said before, don't hesitate to contribute or suggest ideas for the project:

* On github : [github.com/political-memory/political_memory](https://github.com/political-memory/political_memory)
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* On IRC : `#lqdn-memopol` on Freenode