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Title: A few UI updates to Memopol...
Date: 2016-06-03 09:00
Category: News
Author: njoyard
### A few UI updates to Memopol...
Last week was a busy one for the dev team. A handful of UI changes were made
to make Memopol more useful !
The dossiers page was enhanced (and renamed to 'Dossiers', instead of 'Votes'
previously) by adding the number of recommendations ; dossiers are now sorted
by number of recommendations and by date, too.
![Dossier list with recommendation counts](
Clicking on a dossier reveals the list of recommendations made on that dossier,
along with vote results when they're available. In the future, this page may
host a more user-friendly UI for recommendation management.
![Recommendation list](
Political group pictures were lost in the transition to Memopol 3.14, they're
now back <3
![Group list with icons](
![Representative list with icons](
And finally, the representative page was updated to show more information, such
as contact information and links to social networks. The votes list now show
the date they were cast, and the most recent ones are displayed first.
![Representative details page with more info](
Under the hood, the score mechanism was rewritten ; scores are still the same as
before, but this paves the way to easier customization of how scores are
Work on importing data from the old memopol instance has also made good progress
and it should be available in the next few days.
As said before, don't hesitate to contribute or suggest ideas for the project:
* On github : [](
* On IRC : `#lqdn-memopol` on Freenode
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