Memopol 3.14 Release

Memopol's back online !

A new version of Memopol has been released, LQDN's instance is up and documentation has been released.

A gigantic amount of work has been done since the last release (when was it?), mostly an almost full rewrite of code, as well as a simplification of the installation process. A new design is currently being integrated, as well as previous votes recommendations to start giving MEPs notes.

Parsing votes from assemblies websites is now working, and it gets easier to keep tabs on MEPs, the one who defends our positions and the one who opposes them. Meaning, it will get easier for people to influence in a positive way the legislative work.

Ongoing work

The current developments are ongoing:

  • support for French assembly and senate, using data from FranceData which uses data from NosDéputés itself for representatives, and includes a parser to scrape votes from the assembly's website,aa
  • administration experience improvement: real-time sync of proposals for Dossiers which are part of the ongoing campaigns, and email notifications for administrators when a new proposal is created so that they can setup the recommendation appropriately.

We're looking for volunteers !

  • administrators to manage the website, the first task is to integrate recommendations from the previous version of memopol into this one, this is a manual task because the data sets are completely incompatible.
  • an HTML developer willing to learn some Python and Django to integrate v3 design, work has been started on the v3 branch, that branch is under CD on a dev instance.
  • anyone willing to participate is welcome on the IRC channel, #lqdn-memopol on freenode.

Thanks to the team <3

Since credit should always be left were it's due, here's the list of contributors who made it possible (in alphabetical order):

  • Bram, code review, consulting,
  • jpic, code, deployment
  • luxcem, code
  • Mindiell, support
  • njoyard, code
  • okhin, administration, management, consulting product-owning,
  • stef, support and updates Parltrack, consulting

Written by is_null in News on 10/02/2016.