What’s new on Memopol ? #5

Hello there !

We did a lot these days for Memopol !

Spreading Memopol anywhere

First, we did some work in order to let you use Memopol for any other cause! We believe this tool is awesome, so we want to spread it! Image if you could go on the political memory ...

What's new on Memopol ? #2

We did pretty nice thing the last weeks!

Memopol, prettier for the summer

First of all, let us introduce you to our brand new logo! \o/


It is on prod, and as we warned you last time, it has been modified a bit to be more parliament-like. Now it won ...

What’s new on memopol dev n°1

Hmm, what did we do last week ?

We are still working on the design. We gathered a bit more feedback from the ones that worked on it at the last quadratelier. Webdesigners need more poking around, but we have no worries, quota_atypique pokes around a lot.

We are about to ...

What's new on memopol dev n°0

Hello everyone, this is the beginning of a series of development diaries to report on the progress of our project!

Latest improvements:
As part of the latest improvements we have:

A great patch by new contributors: emel and benoitb. They have managed to reduce the incredibly high number of queries ...