What’s new on memopol dev n°1

Hmm, what did we do last week ?

We are still working on the design. We gathered a bit more feedback from the ones that worked on it at the last quadratelier. Webdesigners need more poking around, but we have no worries, quota_atypique pokes around a lot.

We are about to ...

What's new on memopol dev n°0

Hello everyone, this is the beginning of a series of development diaries to report on the progress of our project!

Latest improvements:
As part of the latest improvements we have:

A great patch by new contributors: emel and benoitb. They have managed to reduce the incredibly high number of queries ...

Changing Democracy With Code: A Word From The Developers

Why we citizens need Memopol.

A simple observation

It all starts with a simple observation:

During an election, when you have the possibility to vote to choose your new representative, most of the time the elements that can help you make a choice are:

  • the representative's party's program ...

An Introduction to the project

The best way to explain what Political Memory is, is by explaining where it came from.

So, let's start by a bit of context. Political Memory is a tool built by La Quadrature du Net. It is its major campaigning tool.

La Quadrature du Net is a citizen group ...