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The human memory is bad, really bad, we are barely capable of remembering what we ate 3 weeks ago
Changing democracy with code, Laurent Peuch, hacktivist, creator of Memopol
Memopol provides activists the ability to track activity of political representatives

You can install Memopol to build your own database of representatives, dossiers, documents, proposals and votes from various chambers:

Memopol builds a database from the parliaments including representatives, votes, dossiers, and more !
Citizens can already access the Memopol installation that is managed by La Quadrature du Net, which is used by other organizations such as EDRi.
We vote for a new representative with: their party's program, their communication campaign, the promises they made, our historical attachment... And sometimes, we might even remember a few things they've done !
Changing democracy with code, Laurent Peuch, hacktivist, creator of Memopol

This chart represents numbers of public votes against the number of votes made using secret ballots.

In the European Parliament, we have data about 995 votes taken in 2014, against a total of 4268 voting operations reported for 2014.

In the French National Assembly, it was reported for the XIVe législature that only 135 votes were taken as public and that 1193 of them were taken as "ordinary": secret votes.

This graphic speaks for itself: very little is shared by your representatives about the votes taken in the European Parliament. How can they represent you when you don't even know what's going on in the first place?