#QCC, day 2


You probably know that the whole Memopol team is here at the #QCC to work on the tool. Being reunited all together in the same place, at the same time, gives us the energy necessary to reach our goal!

Here is a quick summary of what we achieved over ...

What’s new on Memopol ? #5

Hello there !

We did a lot these days for Memopol !

Spreading Memopol anywhere

First, we did some work in order to let you use Memopol for any other cause! We believe this tool is awesome, so we want to spread it! Image if you could go on the political memory ...

What's new on Memopol ? #4


Like you, Memopol is back from holidays! Let's come back to work happily with some news of our beloved project.

More and more data

What occured this summer? Ah, ACTA. We enjoyed the victory importing the data of the votes about the treaty. You can see them here ...

What's new on Memopol ? #3

Hey, long time we haven't met! And by coincidence we have alot of exciting news!

A nicer and nicer Memopolfull of datalove!

You know we want Memopol to be beautiful. We've worked on it and we now have finished the display of the opinions! Here is an ...

What's new on Memopol ? #2

We did pretty nice thing the last weeks!

Memopol, prettier for the summer

First of all, let us introduce you to our brand new logo! \o/


It is on prod, and as we warned you last time, it has been modified a bit to be more parliament-like. Now it won ...