What's new on Memopol ? #4

Written by quota_atypique in News on 02/10/2012.


Like you, Memopol is back from holidays! Let's come back to work happily with some news of our beloved project.

More and more data

What occured this summer? Ah, ACTA. We enjoyed the victory importing the data of the votes about the treaty. You can see them here ...

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What’s new on memopol dev n°1

Written by bram in Development diary on 11/05/2012.

Hmm, what did we do last week ?

We are still working on the design. We gathered a bit more feedback from the ones that worked on it at the last quadratelier. Webdesigners need more poking around, but we have no worries, quota_atypique pokes around a lot.

We are about to ...

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