Next steps for Memopol

Political memory is a nice and important project. A lot of work has been done lately to make it more friendly.

This is made real because people are here, taking care of the project, building it, maintaining it. And, as we want Memopol to be spread everywhere, to be powerful, to be better and better, we need people to help us achieve this.

So, here the thing :

We have a tremendously useful tool, Memopol, and we have a bunch of organisations starving for a practical way to collect data from their parliament(s).
At the moment, Memopol is very much designed for La Quadrature du Net's purpose. That's why it is now so shinny and relevant... for us. But, it is not what other organisations are looking for. Organisations fighting for spreading farmer seeds want relevant data on last votes about food processing or agriculture, French organisations on transparency need data from the French Parliament etc.
La Quadrature du Net doesn't have nor time nor ressources nor interest to provide all of those data. It is then these organisations' responsibility to deal with this job. Though, it doesn't mean we can't help them.

So here is the aim of this post: part of the Memopol current team volunteered to make this fantastic tool transferrable for other use than the fight for fundamental freedoms online. But we need more people ready to get dirty in the process.

We are looking for :

  • django developper (most important for the moment)
  • front end developpers (we aren't using any specific framework, just jquery)
  • webdesigners
  • people who like to play with data and make datavisualization

We know a lot of organisations are interested in Memopol, but often, they don't have the skills yet to use it. It would be great if we could "package" it, making it really easy to handle and then spread it among the world. We would see dozens of little Memopol growing up all around the Internetz and making thousands of happy activists call and track their representatives. That's how we spread datalove


Written by quota_atypique in Development diary, News on 06/03/2013.