Memopol, post-QCC.


We come with great news!

The QCC : a starting block.

You know that we were at the QCC from the october, 19th, to the 21th. It was good to be all of us, at the same time, at the same place, to work on Memopol. A lot of things were done this weekend. Bram and Ybon, mostly, are finishing the work.

The design is almost integrated in dev. We keep working on the new scoring for the MEPs, we are importing assistants in the database, adding achievements, de-projectifying memopol, fixing public positions and working on adopting our new standard for representatives.

We can say that this weekend was kind of a « starting block » : we could unite the right people at the right moment and place, and this made the project reboot : more people are involved in Memopol now, a lot of things that were blocking us are now solved too and helped us to keep on moving.

We went to Barcelona in this state of mind.

Barcelona loves Memopol (and we love Barcelona)

Some people from La Quadrature were at theFC Forum  in Barcelona. This event is made for hackers and artists to help building a world less censored, with more free culture and open knowledge. We presented Memopol there and it occured that some Spanish hacktivists wanted to add their parliament to Memopol!

So we are working with them --now that we have a « Memopol core » version that can be adapted for any project, to make this Spanish memopol work.
You will soon be able to see the first result of this team work. ¡Gracias to Anders, Coldwind, Pablog, and the ones we forgot!

We are glad to see this happening : this was part of the aim of this project, letting every organisation using their own Memopol for their causes.

So so so?

The new design will be soon presented to you so that you'll see how hard we worked to have a better app for activists, and, sure, there's still a lot to do :)