The new design is live!

Good news everyone \o/

What did we say? "the new design will be soon presented to you"? It's live now!
Thanks to all the people present at the QCC and after for their work :)

You can see how pretty is Memopol now here →
We hope you'll enjoy this new version --proudly powered by the QCC!-- the same as we enjoyed improving it: we have a brand new design and a new search engine!

We changed a lot of things:

  • You can see the homepage is now organized. In one single glance you can grasp everything that is at stake (the last tracked votes, news… and a random MEP to make you discover the wonderful population of the European Parliament :D)
  • We have a new menu, to help you find very quicly the information you need: you can new have direct access to MEPs by commitee, country, political group…
  • The MEP's lists have changed too:, they are clearer, and easier to use for activists. Don't miss the customization part by clicking on "advanced" next to the search bar ;)
  • The MEP's profile page is also prettier! You can see that you are now able to add public positions: things that the MEP said, in a newspaper, on the radio, concerning digital rights. Here is an example → You can also click on the tabs for further information.
  • The trophies are live too: we will be able to assign a "trophy" to the MEPs who did a very good job, but also to the very bad ones :p You can see an example here → (his trophy is: best score)
  • We have now MEP's assistants' profiles pages, we are able to see with which MEP each assistant worked
  • Internally with have started to "de-projectify" memopol in a effort to make is more easy to tune for your own needs


There is still a lot to do (we'll never stop improving Memopol!), like :

  • positions (it's live, but the internal part of it needs more love to work well)
  • the new scoring system
  • more dataporn
  • making Memopol internals more generic for it to be easier to us by other citizen groups

…for example. I'm sure there's even more to do (we didn't thought about everything we could do :p)!

So, if you are interested in continuing this great effort, don't hesitate on joining us!

Here we finish this good news announcement. We hope we'll announce other great news like this in the future ;)