What's new on Memopol ? #3

Hey, long time we haven't met! And by coincidence we have alot of exciting news!

A nicer and nicer Memopolfull of datalove!

You know we want Memopol to be beautiful. We've worked on it and we now have finished the display of the opinions! Here is an example, another example, and a third example.

Elections? Oh wait /o/

You probably heard about the french elections in june…Which means update for memopol on the french deputies' side!

So, we made various fixes on french deputies pages, there is still more work needed, we also use the new nosdeputes.fr widget (example here).

And we are now working on importing the new deputies in Memopol.

In addition we now have custom pages for french votes (for eg) and are planning on displaying more informations on it.

Another big project

Since the beginning of memopol we want to allow people to do custom queries on our dataset and we recently made some progress, you can play with our prototype here.

Datalove without borders

Memopol is made to bring your elected representatives closer to you. We are working on translations to bring it even closer to you : in your own language \\o/

Spanish and deutch translations have begun, you can contribute [here](https://www.transifex.net/projects/p/memopol2/), just ask to join a team and we'll validate you asap. Speaking about translations, we made also various fix in translation part! Code, code code --------------- On the developement side, you'll notice that we have working system tests again! We are exploring continuous integration with travis but we still have a problem of path to run the tests. You can see it [here](http://travis-ci.org/#/Psycojoker/memopol2). Other details ------------- Eurodeputies' opinions ' moderation should be faster now, we have upgraded it. On the (modest) SEO side, we have assured ourself on having custom \ everywhere! Also, we added the possibility to edit a zone on top of the right menu for jz (kudos to him, he managed to break the whole menu by not closing a \ tag while using his new toy :p). …And of course, a lot of small bugix, cleaning in trends code by bouska, and we can welcome 2 patchs by 2 new contributors: [koolfy](http://koolfy.be/) and rogdham, kudos to both of them \\o/. Thanks to you, and welcome, guys \\o/ \<3