What's new on Memopol ? #4


Like you, Memopol is back from holidays! Let's come back to work happily with some news of our beloved project.

More and more data

What occured this summer? Ah, ACTA. We enjoyed the victory importing the data of the votes about the treaty. You can see them here → https://memopol.lqdn.fr/europe/parliament/vote/acta_final/

We are also working on merging memopol1 opinion's code with the new one.

An easier and faster tool

We did a lot of queries optimization, memopol is now way faster than before. Also we have made some internal code refactoring for a better organisation. (Thanks to the coders \o/) We are happy to welcome new contributors !

There is also a new clean tool to remove added data from LQDN to make Memopol clean for another citizen groups : this will be useful, because we want our tool to be used and reused by others. Good idead have to be spread everywhere :)

On the UX and design side, we are proud to announce we have a WIP advanced search form that will replace all the current listing. This will allow everyone to do advanced research. You can play with it here: http://mempol2.serverside.fr/europe/parliament/search/ Many thanks to Yohan for this great work!

Spreading the word

Bram did a lot to spread the word : he did two presentations about Memopol, at the FNF2012 (Freedom Not Fear) and at the SFD2012 (Software Freedom Day).

You can see them here :

Software Freedom Day :


Freedom Not Fear :


One last thing

Memopol will be one of the projects we'll work on at the Quadrature Communication Camp that will occur in Paris the 19th to the 21st of october. If you want to code all night long for the project, design it, and --of course-- have fun, please come over ! → http://www.laquadrature.net/wiki/Quadrature_Communication_Camp

We'll be back soon with news \o/