What’s new on Memopol ? #5

Hello there !

We did a lot these days for Memopol !

Spreading Memopol anywhere

First, we did some work in order to let you use Memopol for any other cause! We believe this tool is awesome, so we want to spread it! Image if you could go on the political memory of every citizen groups that represents your interests and have an accurate idea on how well your representatives are effectivly representing you?

It is now possible to personalize Memopol for your own project → https://github.com/Psycojoker/memopol2#personalization

We also worked on make it easier to update Memopol data → https://github.com/Psycojoker/memopol2#updating-memopols-data


Speaking about updating Memopol we are proud to announce you that now, Memopol is up to date concerning the French deputies data \o/

Thanks to Tarnefys for that!

QCC, Day 1

As you probably already know, Memopol team is here at the QCC to improve Memopol.

We are working on new features for the tool, like trophees that we could put on the profiles of the MEPs : if they have voted a lot for Net Neutrality, for example.

We also have --which is great-- a little design team that made already some work for Memopol. Maybe we'll have a brand new design to present you after the weekend!

Thanks to quota_atypique, ybon, cocodaemon for their work \o/

We'll come back to you tomorrow and tell you what was done today!