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Run scripts or jobs on a periodic basis
Any scripts or jobs added to the minutely, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
directories will be run on a scheduled basis (frequency is as indicated by the
name of the directory) using run-parts.

run-parts ignores any files that are hidden or dotfiles (.*) or backup
files (*~ or *,)  or named *.{rpmsave,rpmorig,rpmnew,swp,cfsaved}

The presence of two specially named files jobs.deny and jobs.allow controls
how run-parts executes your scripts/jobs.
   jobs.deny  ===> Prevents specific scripts or jobs from being executed.
   jobs.allow ===> Only execute the named scripts or jobs (all other/non-named
                   scripts that exist in this directory are ignored).

The principles of jobs.deny and jobs.allow are the same as those of cron.deny
and cron.allow and are described in detail at:

See: man crontab or above link for more details and see the the weekly/
     directory for an example.

PLEASE NOTE: The Cron cartridge must be installed in order to run the configured jobs.

For more information about cron, consult the documentation: