Commit 2cb18aae authored by Gilles Quenot's avatar Gilles Quenot

add dependencies tests

parent a75da278
# Quick-start script for new developers
# Usage: from repo root, `source bin/`
# Usage: from repo root as current user, `bin/`
# stop execution if there's an error
set -e
if ((UID==0)); then
echo >&2 "Thanks to use your current user to run this script, not root"
exit 1
for x in psql virtualenv pip sudo; do
if ! type -p $x &>/dev/null; then
if ((${#missing_deps[@]} > 0)); then
echo -e >&2 "You need to install these dependencies with your package manager:\n${missing_deps[@]}"
exit 1
REPOROOT=$(dirname $(dirname $0))
# Ensure we're at the root of the memopol repository
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