Commit 5457ba81 authored by Nicolas Joyard's avatar Nicolas Joyard
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Do not skip inactive MEPs when importing

parent 2fa87a88
......@@ -3,8 +3,6 @@ from django.db import models
from representatives_votes.contrib.parltrack.import_votes import \
from representatives.contrib.parltrack.import_representatives import \
from representatives_votes.models import Dossier, Proposal, Vote
from representatives.models import Representative
......@@ -71,9 +69,3 @@ def skip_votes(sender, vote_data=None, **kwargs):
if vote_data.get('epref', None) not in dossiers:
return False
def skip_representatives(sender, representative_data=None, **kwargs):
if not representative_data.get('active', False):
return False
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