Commit 74e70e2d authored by Jamesie Pic's avatar Jamesie Pic

Added templatetags extracted from memopol

parent 20278f0a
from django import template
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
register = template.Library()
def position_icon(position):
if position == 'for':
return mark_safe(
'<i \
aria-label="for" \
class="fa fa-thumbs-up vote_positive" \
title="for" \
elif position == 'against':
return mark_safe(
'<i \
aria-label="against" \
class="fa fa-thumbs-down vote_negative" \
title="against" \
return mark_safe(
'<i \
aria-label="abstain" \
class="fa fa-circle-o vote_abstain" \
title="abstain" \
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