Commit 76d18d9b authored by Gilles Quenot's avatar Gilles Quenot

add indexes fields

parent 30cb22ce
#TODO sputnick: c
from haystack import indexes
from representatives.models import Representative
class RepresentativeIndex(indexes.SearchIndex, indexes.Indexable):
text = indexes.EdgeNgramField(document=True, use_template=True)
slug = indexes.CharField(model_attr='slug', faceted=True)
......@@ -9,6 +9,9 @@ class RepresentativeIndex(indexes.SearchIndex, indexes.Indexable):
last_name = indexes.CharField(model_attr='last_name', faceted=True)
full_name = indexes.EdgeNgramField(model_attr='full_name')
ascii_name = indexes.NgramField(model_attr='ascii_name')
#new mappings (check src/representatives/
score = indexes.IntegerField(model_attr='representative_score') # simple field
mandates = MultiValueField() # iterable, check Okhin's UML (country, chamber, party...) =>
def get_model(self):
return Representative
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