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How to install memopol
1. Create a directory containing the whole project (say ~memopol)
2. Create a python virtualenv in ~memopol : ~memopol/ve
3. Clone memopol main repository ( in ~memopol/memopol_political_memory
4. Clone django-representative directory ( in ~memopol/django-representatives
5. Clone the last version of django-chronograph ( in ~memopol/django-chronograph
(It seems that the version in pip is not up to date…)
6. Symlink ~memopol/memopol_political_memory/representatives -> ~memopol/django-representatives/representatives
7. Symlink ~memopol/memopol_political_memory/chronograph -> ~memopol/django-chronograph/chronograph
8. Install requierements in the virtualenv with pip install -r ~memopol//memopol_political_memory/requierements
9. Config your database in ~memopol/memopol_political_memory/
10. Sync the database python syncdb
11. Import mep from a compotista instance : python update update_eu_mps
12. Run the server
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