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Merge pull request #87 from political-memory/quickstart

Remove versioned database and add quickstart script instead
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......@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ before_script:
- flake8 . --exclude '*/migrations,docs,static' --ignore E128
- py.test memopol representatives_positions representatives_recommendations
- rm -rf db.sqlite
- django-admin migrate
- codecov
# Quick-start script for new developers
# Usage: from repo root, `source bin/`
set -e
REPOROOT=$(dirname $(dirname $0))
# Ensure we're at the root of the memopol repository
pushd $REPOROOT >/dev/null
# Create & activate python virtual environment
virtualenv memopol_env
source memopol_env/bin/activate
# Install python dependencies
pip install -e .[testing]
# Install client dependencies
# Setup environment
export DJANGO_DEBUG=True
export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=memopol.settings
# Run django migration to create database
./ migrate
# Import sample data
./ loaddata memopol/fixtures/smaller_sample.json
echo "You're all set!"
echo "To start the application run the following from the repository root ($REPOROOT):"
echo " source memopol_env/bin/activate"
echo " export DJANGO_DEBUG=True DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=memopol.settings"
echo " ./ runserver"
echo "If you make changes, don't forget to run tests using:"
echo " flake8 . --exclude '*/migrations,docs,static' --ignore E128"
echo " py.test memopol representatives_positions representatives_recommendations"
echo "Happy hacking ;)"
popd >/dev/null
File deleted
......@@ -6,10 +6,23 @@ Local development tutorial
This tutorial drives through a local installation of the project for
development on Linux. It requires git, a fairly recent version of nodejs (see
:file:`.openshift/action_hooks/deploy` for a way to install it), python2 and
development on Linux. It requires git, a fairly recent version of python2 and
You can skip the instructions below and just use the quickstart script. To do
so, first clone the repository, cd into the repository root and source the
quickstart script:
$ git clone
$ cd political_memory
$ source bin/
If you want more control, you can follow the steps below or have a look at what
the quickstart script does.
Make a virtual environment
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