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Merge branch 'pipeline' into 'master'


See merge request !195
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Pipeline #1008 passed with stages
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variables: variables:
cache: cache:
paths: paths:
- "$CI_PROJECT_DIR/pip-cache" - "$CI_PROJECT_DIR/pip-cache"
job test:
script: stages:
- tox - test
stage: test - deploy
tags: [memopol]
job install: before_script:
script: - pip install --user tox
- source /srv/memopol/memopol_env/bin/activate - export PATH="$HOME/.local/bin:$PATH"
- cd /srv/memopol/memopol_env/src/memopol/docs
- make html unit:
- cd /srv/memopol/memopol_env/src/memopol stage: test
- git fetch origin script: tox -e py27
- git reset --hard origin/master tags: [memopol]
- find . -name '*.pyc' -delete
- pip install -Ue . qa:
- src/memopol/bin/ stage: test
- memopol migrate --noinput script: tox -e qa
- memopol collectstatic --noinput tags: [memopol]
- touch /srv/memopol/ready
stage: deploy docs:
tags: [memopol] stage: test
environment: production script: git diff --raw HEAD^1 | grep docs || tox -e docs
only: tags: [memopol]
- master
- source /srv/memopol/memopol_env/bin/activate
- cd /srv/memopol/memopol_env/src/memopol/docs
- make html
- cd /srv/memopol/memopol_env/src/memopol
- git fetch origin
- git reset --hard origin/master
- find . -name '*.pyc' -delete
- pip install -Ue .
- src/memopol/bin/
- memopol migrate --noinput
- memopol collectstatic --noinput
- touch /srv/memopol/ready
stage: deploy
tags: [memopol]
environment: production
- master
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