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......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ Most are either Inkscape SVG files with some linked bitmaps, or Makefiles that g
* Monotype Corsiva (TeaHouse)
* 8-bit Limit O BRK (RetroComputing Devroom)
* Amiga Topaz Unicode Rus (RetroComputing Devroom)
* Montserrat (35C3) (apt:texlive-fonts-extra & might require [some fc-cache trickery](
## 33C3
......@@ -49,4 +50,6 @@ Infobeamer proposals :
* [Giggity](35C3/giggity) (event schedule app for Android).
* [OpenFoodFacts](35C3/off) (open food products database).
* [FOSDEM RetroComputing Devroom](35C3/fosdem_retro).
* [FOSDEM Decentralized & Privacy Devroom](35C3/fosdem_decentralized).
* [FOSDEM Hardware Enablement Devroom](35C3/fosdem_hardware).
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