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The youtube video"Murder at Columbine High School (Mass Shooting Documentary) -Actual Crime" starts by showing videos of the two young guys videoing themselves, talking about the shooting and apologizing to their families only hours before the shooting takes place. You then see pupils running across the cafeteria and outside the doors of this school. That is giving the viewers a fantastic representation of how scared the pupils were, what the shooters were thinking, and generates the mood for the rest of the video. Following the introduction, the video reveals all the pupils who lost their lives daily, while allowing the families to tell the stories of their last experience they had with their own brother, sister, friend, or kid before they would never have the ability to observe that loved one . By letting the families to show their emotions and tell their story, it creates a mood and allows the viewer to be able to connect with this day, which makes it much easier for the viewer to comprehend exactly what occurred. As the video goes on while the families are talking, they're standing at the places where that part of the story originally took place. For instance, Craig Scott is speaking about the final moment he saw his sister, Rachael, that was at the parking lot of the school. As he's telling this story, he's actually standing at the parking lot in which the memory occurred. This permits the audience to have a visual representation of what was going on without actually seeing the occasion. The movie goes on to inform the audiences"it was just a casual day at Columbine High School" while showing videos of their students doing their regular day-to-day routines, like eating lunch in the cafeteria, walking into class and socializing with their peers about them, entirely unbothered. These actions were taking place just seconds before the shooting occurred. Shaun Graves, a student at Columbine High, was together with his two great friends in the cafeteria, watching the two gunmen walk up to the school carrying duffel bags. Shaun says"We had been watching the two boys in the trench coats walking to the faculty, carrying the duffel bags. I remember thinking that it had been the good time of year for senior pranks. After I heard that the first shot , then I realized this wasn't a prank" The Columbine High School mass shooting took place on April 20, 1999, in Littleton, Colorado. Two high schoolers, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris took the lives of twelve students and one instructor along with their very own, leaving the inhabitants of the small city, especially the families and loved ones of those deceased, devastated. Two distinct sources of this event, one is a movie and the other being a news article, have very different takes on this devastating event. By way of example, the ways these two texts choose to exhibit their subject matter, as well as how the different notions influence the way the situation is disrupted, don't go together. This part of essay was written by professional writer. Read full info at

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