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Softec lab is a system integrator and provider of it solutions and services for the corporate sector.

Softeq lab is a system integrator and provider of it solutions and services for the corporate sector. Our approach Professional vision, experience of our consultants in managing positions of enterprises in the real and financial sectors of the economy, understanding of specific needs and business tasks, combined with an understanding of the narrow specifics of various industries, help us offer structured software solutions for our Customers in combination with the developed project implementation methodology to achieve business development goals and optimize management processes. Unique experience of the senior architect information system architects who work with us and our middle dev developers. and senior dev. they allow developing non-standard hardware and software solutions that meet the requirements of fault tolerance, performance, and information security in a short time.

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  • There is another way to become a professional in this field. Currently, a lot of literature on IT technology has been released. "For Dummies" - this is probably the name of the most popular series of books on the basics of programming, database design, web design, networking, and so on. Learning this kind of literature also has its advantages.

  • Today we are surrounded by so many different electronic devices. You need to somehow manage them. That is exactly the problem today. Even better when you can control all of these devices remotely. Modernity implies just such an approach.

  • IT does not accept those who do not like their work. This is a phenomenon similar to natural selection on a local scale. I worked in various industries and have never met such a low, bordering on a complete absence, number of employees "without fire in the eyes." Therefore, going to IT for money, without having an interest in developing software solutions, is definitely not an option.

  • Once the requirements and architecture are clear, the process of developing software code begins. Programmers write code using selected hardware. I must say that in IT, at the stage of selection, team discussions were adopted, where everyone can share their proposal, show which technologies or tools would be suitable for solving a specific problem.

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