Authored by Jacob Stinson

Writing Hypotheses for Dissertations

Every students should conduct a research study during his/her academic life. Consequently, when one has to work on such a complex task as dissertation or thesis, he/she has to possess good writing skills, proper knowledge of the selected topic. In addition, it is important to know how to carry out the research, choose accurate data and structure the paper in a logical manner. Formatting should not be underestimated as well. All parts in dissertation are important. However, close attention should be paid to the hypothesis. Despite the fact that it is usually an optional part of the paper, when you decide to incorporate it in your work, it will have a positive impact on the result.

In order to make your hypothesis in a dissertation successful, pay attention to the following tips:

  • Firstly, be informed that hypotheses are used only in quantitative research.
  • You need to link the paper objectives with the hypotheses. Avoid presenting ambiguous claim because it should be connected with paper objectives, as well as research questions. Convey all your thoughts and ideas clearly and logically.
  • All your assumptions should be realistic. Prior to writing your main claim, contemplate on the tool that will help you to collect the necessary data. Think about the effective methods to crunch the collected data. In case you are aware of the ways to measure the variables and converting them into numbers, you are on the right track to formulating the central claim.
  • It is obligatory to include both alternative and null hypothesis. Remember that the variables you are aimed to consider are not always related. That is why it is important to pair the mentioned hypotheses types.
  • Hypothesis papers have to be clear. Hypothesis is just a statement, thus it does not have to be too long. Remember that you need to structure and articulate it in a proper manner.
  • When writing a hypothesis for a dissertation, choose the right words. Remember that you have not proven your central claim yet. That is why using the word “prove” will be inappropriate. Yu can choose words like “suggest” or “support” instead.
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