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How to choose a masticating juicer on the market

Not only do these reusable produce bags make sense from an environmental perspective, they also make cents from a sales point of view, with average gross profits on these bags ranging from 40 to 60 percent. What's more, increased usage of reusable produce bags will reduce the supply costs associated with providing free plastic produce bags to consumers.

Mesh bags look great and they're better for the environment. Let your customers see for themselves by merchandising your mesh produce bags in a high-visibility area of the produce department. In some cases, the reusable mesh bag sets are available on pre-loaded clip strips that may be hung from existing plastic bag dispensers, vertical refrigerated produce cases or floor displays. All of these areas would benefit from a little signage explaining why the mesh bags are better than plastic for produce and for the planet. Today's customers are looking for alternatives to single-use plastic bags, so transferring this sensibility to the produce department and reusable mesh and tote-style veggie shoppers is a no brainer.

While reusable produce bags are important year round, consider stepping up your merchandising and promotion of this category during certain seasons. In April, rather than celebrating Earth Day, pull out all the stops with an Earth Month promotion during which you create a special display featuring eco-friendly products from your store, such as reusable mesh produce bags and tote systems. As you head into summer's bounty of fruits and vegetables, create a farmer's market-style display in your store or just outside your front doors. Merchandise your reusable produce totes around the entire perimeter of your farmer's market display. To show customers how it's done, have several employees dressed in street clothes shopping your produce stand using a reusable tote. Follow this up with a similar how-to-shop with a reusable tote demo in the colder months. Create a root vegetable farmer's market-style display designed to fight the winter blahs with some earth-friendly shopping fun. One of the most effective ways to spotlight the tremendous value of reusable produce totes is to simply fill them with terrific-looking produce, stand back and let your customers be compelled to buy. Load the various sections of the reusable tote with colorful seasonal fruits and veggies and place them in your produce bins. Consider designating an entire produce bin to pre-filled veggie totes. This will allow customers to see that the veggie totes lay flat and contain different sections to keep produce neat and organized.

If you prefer a more active approach, set up a demo station on a busy day. Give your demo person a supply of reusable veggie totes and surround him or her with fresh produce. Then have your demonstrator show how easy it is to load these items into the bed and pods within the tote. No doubt, customers will be amazed at how much produce these reusable tote systems can carry. This demo will also give them a sense of how portable the system is for shopping. Explain to customers that the totes can be sed to carry their produce out of the store and straight into their kitchens.

Mesh produce bags are best demonstrated by filling the sacks with bright and colorful fruits and veggies and then letting them "hang out" in the produce department. To attract additional attention, you may want to fill a number of mesh bags with whatever produce item that you have on sale during a particular day. You could then offer the mesh bag and the sale item for one special price. By demo-ing and merchandising your reusable mesh and tote produce bags, you're building a strong case for a more sustainable shopping experience, while at the same time, raising customer awareness about your store's green efforts.SLICERS Spend a little; save a lot. That's the story behind today's high quality electric food slicers. These easy-to-use small electrics allow home and professional chefs to prepare fresher food more conveniently and cost effectively. From portion-controlled meals to sandwich staples to bountiful party platters stacked high with deli-thin sliced meats and cheeses, it's clear that electric food slicers are an investment that help to get the job done fast, fresh and for less money. Now more than ever, consumers are looking for ways to trim the fat from their household budgets. One simple, yet significant way to save is by packing a lunch to work or school rather than buying it from a restaurant. Want to help your customers save even more? Show them how with informative signage and demos that explain the savings of buying meats and cheeses in bulk and slicing them at home.

Use signage and shelf-talkers around your electric food slicer display to convey these cash-saving stats: Home slicing bulk meats and cheeses can save you more than 50 percent per pound as compared to supermarket-sliced meats and cheeses. With certain meats, such as roast beef, the savings with home slicing can be more than 70 percent per pound! If you're feeding a crowd with a deli platter, the savings of home slicing soars when compared with purchasing a catered platter. Do your own comparative price shopping at retailers in your area and share these money saving-facts with your customers. Health-conscious_Bay_area_employees_get_all_juiced_up_on_Odwalla_products Super Heroes: In the fall, as busy school day schedules resume, host a demo entitled: "Super Heroes." Demonstrate the ease with which your affordable advanced technology food slicers can help customers to save money and time, while eating better, fresher foods - such as an array of hero sandwiches made with precision-sliced meats, cheeses and vegetables.

Get creative with the Super Hero theme and you'll be sure to grab the attention of parents of school-age kids. Then let your heavy duty electric food slicers show the crowd what they're made of: Key parts constructed of cast aluminum and stainless steel; features such as precision thickness control; powerful universal motors; gear-drive operation; and cantilever designs that accommodates most tray and platter sizes for easy transition from preparation to presentation.

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