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Hennessy Salutes The Arrival Of Its 8th Generation Of Master Blenders With The Legacy Cognac Hennessy 8

The coming of a new creation marks a landmark for its Maison Hennessy. The unbroken cognac-making dynasty dates back into the early 1800s, when James Hennessy picked Jean Fillioux because his Master Blender. Every carafe is referenced and signed by Arik Levy and could be personalized upon request. It's accompanied by an elegant arsenal containing 4 tasting glasses initially designed by glassmaker Georg Riedel and Yann Fillioux 30 decades ago; those are re-edited exclusively for Hennessy-8. A pipette made from oak barrel wood along with a cork holder are also included. "Since Hennessy's 7th-generation Master Blender, Yann Fillioux has admired the heritage shared with the Hennessy and Fillioux households for 250 decades, and he's done so with vision, talent and esteem. It's with good emotion which we witness the death of the torch for his nephew, Renaud Fillioux p Gironde, that will bring his own vision to the Maison Hennessy and make sure that its savoir-faire is transported safely to the future" In 2015, the Maison Hennessy celebrated 250 decades of a unique adventure which has lasted for centuries and spanned five continents. It started from the French area of Cognac, the chair where the Maison has passed the best the property must give, from 1 generation to another. Specifically, such strength is due to those folks, present and past, who have guaranteed Hennessy's success both locally and across the world. Hennessy's longevity and success will also be the consequence of the values that the Maison has declared since its invention: exceptional savoir-faire, a continuous quest for innovation, along with an unwavering dedication to Creation, Excellence, Legacy, and Sustainable Development. Now, these qualities would be the hallmark of a House -- a crown jewel in the LVMH Group -- which embraces the many iconic, esteemed Cognacs on earth. Beginning in this season, Hennessy's present Master Blender, Yann Fillioux, will formally induct his nephew, Renaud Fillioux p Gironde, a part of the 8th generation of their Fillioux household, as another Master Blender in the Maison Hennessy. A member of this tasting committee for the previous 14 decades, Renaud Fillioux p Gironde will succeed his uncle in due course, when Yann Fillioux measures down after a distinguished career as"protector of the temple" in the Maison Hennessy. An elegant homage to Hennessy's values and history, the Hennessy-8 carafe and torso embody remarkable technical art. To honor the coming of Hennessy's 8th generation and also a legacy of passing its cognac-making savoir-faire, Yann Fillioux has established his supreme mix: the heritage cognac Hennessy-8 embodies 250 decades of excellence, shared experience and perpetual reinvention. As a result of the unique and historic character, Hennessy-8 is going to be displayed in a limited edition of 250 bottles, beginning in March 2016and to not be crafted . Hennessy-8 was written with the understanding that this mix would be a one time generation, a singular hymn to liberty, enthusiasm and creativity. "For me personally, it embodies perfect simplicity and complete perfection." A keepsake booklet describing the genesis and soul of Hennessy-8, in addition to a dedicated secret, a personalized authentication plate along with a numbered certificate signed by Yann Fillioux finish the demonstration of this Hennessy-8 heritage cognac. An ode to nature and also to Hennessy's historic chair in Cognac, France, the prized Hennessy-8 chest cradles the carafe just like a protective casing. An irregular cut down the period of the torso elicits the Charente river which runs through Cognac, a detail which takes on additional depth because of the aluminum"riverbed" that seems to glow from inside the chest. Within the torso, a copper inlay chooses the shape of the conventional alembic, a further symbol of the home's craftsmanship. The North American unveiling of Hennessy-8 Happened on April 19, 2016 in the Do Not Enter Gallery in Los Angeles, at a setting especially designed for the event by Arik Levy. The artist combined Yann Fillioux, Renaud Fillioux du Gironde, along with a choice of VIP guests to celebrate the event. Observed as a complete, this virtuoso article is higher than the sum of its components: in creating a feeling of motion, it creates a tribute to the Maison Hennessy's customs of continuous creation and passing down know-how from 1 generation to another. A crystal stopper engraved with a floral theme reprises the idea of eight rings, even though a yellowish silk thread around the jar's collar contributes to an"H" medallion sealed by means of a ribbon, a technical technique perfected by Hennessy's sister home, the Maison Guerlain. To learn more, see or / Hennessy; for information about the best way best to buy Hennessy 8, At once classic and modern, Hennessy-8 is a literal and figurative emblem of Hennessy's legacy of transmission from 1 generation to another. It's the end result of a valuable alchemy: Hennessy-8 can be called after the eight eaux-de-vie it comprises. Seven of them were hand-selected from Yann Fillioux to exemplify all the seven consecutive generations of Hennessy Master Blenders. The eighth eau-de-vie has been selected by Renaud Fillioux p Gironde who, after he becomes Master Blender, is going to be the 8th creation of Fillioux to maneuver the Maison Hennessy's creations. The year 2016 marks a period of transition to the Maison Hennessy since 7th creation Master Blender Yann Fillioux attempts to pass on the keys into the basement to his nephew, Renaud Fillioux p Gironde. Hennessy-8 carafes are constructed by hand at the Atelier des Editions Rares, a dedicated workshop booked for crafting the very prestigious Hennessy creations.

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