Commit 25bc8280 authored by Okhin's avatar Okhin
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Adding a new apps for the captchas comments

parent 60bd86cb
from spamlesscomment.forms import CommentFormWithCaptcha
def get_form():
return CommentFormWithCaptcha
from django.contrib import admin
# Register your models here.
from django import forms
from django_comments.forms import CommentForm
from django_comments.models import Comment
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
from captcha.fields import CaptchaField
class CommentFormWithCaptcha(CommentForm):
captcha = CaptchaField(label=_("In order to protect against spam, please fill in the result of the following calculation. (note the + and the * are somewhat confusing)"))
def get_comment_model(self):
return Comment
from django.db import models
# Create your models here.
from django.test import TestCase
# Create your tests here.
from django.shortcuts import render
# Create your views here.
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