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    Fresh start on the data model · e1e714be
    Jamesie Pic authored
    This is completely backward-incompatible and was rushed before the
    release - nobody was going to pay the interrest on the technical debt
    this commit remove to support migrations since nobody has an instance in
    Memopol{Representative,Vote,Dossier} subclasses are gone. Django model
    inheritance is fun but comes at a price - hacks like
    create_child_instance_from_parent would end up everywhere. Use a simple
    one to one relation when you don't intend to have several subclasses of
    a model which is the case here.
    Country and current mandates are not pre-calculated and stored in the
    database anymore, instead they are pre-fetched which requires
    Score related code was rewritten in votes.models, along with the
    Recommendation model. We're still not calculating it on the fly here
    because that would require some SQL backflips which will take a bit of
    time to do properly.